Video Marketing

Video Ads


   500 million people on Facebook watch videos every day, and 10 billion watch them on Snapchat! And it’s no surprise why. Video content is some of the easiest to consume. 

We'll  help you turn your product inventory into ready to watch video ads and slideshows that will enrich your website and your social media.  

Expose your clients to a visual and audio experience that will leave them wanting more. 

Video Testimonials


  What could be better than having others (a real customer, just like any other customers you may have) talking about how great your product is on video? 

Customer Testimonials, and other types of third-party endorsements are a great to achieve your marketing goals and -ultimately- to increase your sales.

Real Estate Video


  If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a billion. Buying or selling a house in the digital age requires a well-crafted video which can function as a living billboard for real estate agents and home sellers alike.  

We'll help you Market your properties with videos and slideshows made to impress 

Landscapes of Georgian Bay.
Lu Robitaille has captured the idyllic spirit of Georgian Bay in these 6x4 paintings and prints that will inspire a lifetime of memories.